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How can you tell if a roofing contractor is reputable?

How can you tell if Downriver Michigan roofers are reputable before handing over your phone number and address to them? By looking for a few key signs, as well as checking out any references that they provide. If a Downriver, MI contractor doesn’t have at least these “red flag” areas covered, then it might be time to move on.


What to look for:

1) A good sign of a knowledgeable and experienced contracting company is one with the right credentials already under their belt. In particular, look for experience with shingle roofs specifically, as this type of roof does call for special materials and installation techniques which need to be followed closely in order to avoid leaks or other roofing issues from growing worse.

2) A good reference check will also go a long way towards determining whether you’ll be hiring a Downriver Michigan contractor that is worthy of your business or not. Ask for references from past customers, and then give those people a call to ask about the overall service and value they received. If this doesn’t yield positive results (at least 4-5 satisfied customers who would recommend them), move on to someone else!



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