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Make the Right Choice between New Construction and Replacement Windows Downriver Michigan

Homeowners often find themselves wondering whether they should get new construction windows or replacement windows Downriver Michigan. If you will try to compare these two options, you will notice that they have several notable differences that can make them suitable for specific situations.

Replacement Windows at a Glance

Replacement windows are available in two modes of installation, namely pocket replacement and full frame replacement. Your home’s condition and what you are looking for in particular will help you decide the best choice for your needs.

Full frame replacement windows involve the removal of the whole existing window, moldings, jambs, and frame to give you a completely brand new unit. Full frame replacement works best if the existing woodwork and frame around the window is already in a bad condition.

A full frame replacement is also better if you like to have woodwork and framing different from what you have right now and you wish to get it replaced. This is usually the choice of people who move into a new house and don’t really like the existing design.

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